Our Mission

There isn’t a single summer program in the US that is devoted to Collaborative Piano. There are many more schools now than in the past twenty years that offer a higher education degree in Collaborative Piano, but many of the programs are skewed towards developing only instrumental ensemble skills, or skills for opera rehearsals, or art song coaching, or ballet repertoire – it’s hard to find a program that encourages and delves into all the various aspects that a pianist can pursue. Then there are some summer programs, where a pianist is needed for opera and ballet productions and general accompanying, and is paid to attend (sometimes…), but is not given any specific instruction or individual attention. Instead, they are “paid” with exposure and experience in repertoire. But who likes gaining exposure without being confident in the craft they expose?! Who would like to gain experience that is left without guidance, never knowing if they are doing something right, or wrong, or if there’s a better way to approach it?

Our mission at the Collaborative Piano Institute is to provide a safe haven for pianists in various points of their collaborative piano journey, and we have a fantastic pool of applicants, many of which cannot pay for the full tuition.

why contribute to the scholarship fund with a tax-deductible donation?

Make it possible for a talented Collaborative Pianist to start or continue their career in the best possible way. Your tax-deductible contribution will be used exclusively toward scholarships for extremely talented pianists.

If you know a collaborative pianist, or have seen one, or have worked with one and know how awesome they are, help us with gathering scholarship funds that will go towards their tuition! Help us give invaluable experience to the people who enrich your life with music! Read how you can support us at: www.collaborativepianoinstitute.org/support