Curriculum of the Collaborative Piano Institute

During each week of the festival, participants will receive two or more one-on-one lessons with different faculty members, as well as perform at least once at a masterclass. Daily lectures and group classes will discuss in depth:

  • Musical style and interpretation (instrumental sonatas, chamber music, concerti, art song, aria and opera), recital programming
  • Audition preparation for graduate school, summer festivals, and Young Artist Programs
  • Practice strategies and time management
  • Technique issues
  • Vocal coaching and score preparation
  • Introduction and in-depth discussion of language, diction, and poetry
  • Setting up a studio and career building tips
  • Working with and as a conductor
  • Enterpreneurship
  • Round table Q&A with faculty members
  • Opportunity to record prescreening video and audio
  • Maintaining physical and mental health

Week 1

During this week’s private lessons we will be focusing on your individual needs, and preparing the pieces that you will be rehearsing, coaching, and performing with partners during the second and third week. You will be expected to participate in several Masterclasses. This week will feature at least one Open practice session, in which members of the faculty will discuss and present the best way of approaching the practice process – an important knowledge to acquire in a field where much has to be accomplished in a short period of time. The first week will feature Faculty recitals. 

Week 2

Continuation of rehearsals, lessons, classes, group lessons, and masterclasses; arrival of the faculty and students of Bravo Shattuck. We will begin scheduling rehearsals with vocal and instrumental partners, and initiate coachings with faculty members of both festivals. This week’s Masterclasses will involve your new partners. Week 2 will end feature several Student Recitals.

Week 3

Continuation of rehearsals, lessons, classes, group lessons, and masterclasses; Recitals with faculty singers and Bravo Shattuck instrumentalists. During this final week, you will have the opportunity (optional) to sign up for recordings that you can use for prescreenings.